Oraimo AirPods Review, price and purchase of all types of AirPods

Airpods are Bluetooth headphones of Oraimo company, which were first released on the market in September 2016. The second generation of these Bluetooth headphones came to the market in 2019 in two models, AirPod 2 and AirPod 2 with a wireless case, and experienced amazing sales. The third generation of AirPods has also been introduced with the name of AirPods 3. Various models of AirPods have been released to date, including AirPods Pro generation 1 and AirPods Pro 2, AirPods Max and AirPods 3. Oraimo’s AirPods have become the most popular accessories for different users around the world in just two years. Various features have made Airpods popular, in addition to playing music, they are equipped with an environmental noise cancellation technology that filters out the extra noise of the environment so that the music and the audience’s voice reach your ears with high clarity. AirPods have no buttons and instead use optical sensors and accelerometers to control music playback and calls by tapping and touching the headphones. When you remove the headphones from your ears, the music will stop playing automatically. The accelerometer also senses the removal of the headphones from the ear and orders to stop playing music.

In the first generation of AirPods, Oraimo used the Oraimo W1 chipset, which had the task of managing battery consumption and Bluetooth 4.2 connection, and it managed it well. To use the first generation AirPods, your device’s operating system must be at least iOS 10, Mac OS Sierra, WatchOS 3 or later. Of course, other devices with Bluetooth have the ability to connect to AirPods, and you can use Windows and Android operating systems. Airpod 1 has two microphones, one of which is designed for noise canceling and the other one is built-in for conversation. The weight of each earphone is 4 grams and the weight of the charging case is 38 grams. With the charging case, you can use the headphones for 3 hours by charging them for 15 minutes. The charging case will provide a total of 24 hours of charging for the headphones.

Oraimo Airpods

Oraimo unveiled the second generation of AirPods in 2019, which was equipped with more advanced technologies. The H1 chipset, larger battery and support for the Hey Siri voice command are some of the attractive features of this headphone, and you can also charge it wirelessly using the case. The second generation of AirPods has the same design as the previous generation, but the hardware has been upgraded, the biggest change being the H1 chipset. The H1 chipset enables the use of Siri artificial intelligence by saying Hey Siri and is also equipped with Bluetooth 5 connectivity. According to Oraimo’s announcement, we can say that the second generation of AirPods is presented with 50% more battery and faster connection. If you have a message, AirPods will announce the sender’s name.

Airpod 3 was also introduced in 2021, which Oraimo included a wide range of advanced technologies. The design of this Airpod is similar to the Airpod Pro, but the silicon series has been removed. The H1 chipset, 6-hour battery life that reaches 30 hours with the charging case, and wireless charging via MagSafe technology are among the most important changes of this version. AirPods 3 has better sound quality than previous generations and uses Adaptive EQ technology for intelligent and automatic sound adjustment according to the shape of the ear and the sound of the environment. As a result, a higher quality experience of listening to music is provided to users. Thanks to the fast charging technology, 5 minutes of charging the phones is enough for an hour of music playback.

In September 2022, Oraimo unveiled the second generation of AirPods Pro called AirPods Pro 2. Airpod Pro 2 is equipped with a new H2 chipset, which has enhanced the function of active noise cancellation (Active Noise Cancellation) and transparency. The battery life has also increased to 6 hours like AirPods 3, which can reach up to 30 hours with the charging case. The speaker on the charging case also plays a sound if it is lost. Find My feature has also been added to it. Sound quality is also improved thanks to the new chipset, new drivers and Adaptive EQ technology.

Airpod price

The price of Oraimo Airpods varies according to their model. According to Oraimo website, the price of Airpod 2 in the regular model is 129 dollars, and the production of the wireless model has been stopped. Airpod 3, which has recently replaced Airpod 2, is available at a price of $179. The price of Airpod Pro 2 is 249 dollars on the official Oraimo website. Airpod Max has a higher price than other models due to its special design and high sound quality and has a price tag of $549. Of course, the price of AirPods in the Iranian market varies depending on the currency price and the market balance, but you can always find out about the daily price of these products from the iPhonechi website.

oraimo price | oraimo price

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2 is an upgraded version of AirPods Pro, which is equipped with new features in addition to all the features of the first generation. In terms of appearance, there is no special difference in the design of AirPods Pro 2 compared to the previous generation, but the charging case has undergone changes. The new charging case has speaker holes at the bottom that can play sound when lost. In addition, a hole has been added on the body to connect a variety of wrist straps. Airpod Pro 2 is equipped with the new H2 chipset, which makes its noise cancellation performance 2 times better than the previous generation. The ability to hear the sound of the environment or Transparency is now automatically adjusted to the environment so that loud sounds are reduced and emergency sounds are clearly heard.

AirPods specifications 2

Audio playback drivers have also been optimized to reproduce a wider range of audio frequencies with high fidelity and generally increase the quality of music. Airpod Pro 2 has improved in terms of battery and now you can use them for up to 6 hours with a full charge. This amount of battery with the charging case reaches 30 hours.

AirPods 3

AirPods 3 comes in only one model with support for wireless charging and Magsafe technology. The design of this model has been completely changed and looks similar to AirPods Pro. Of course, there are no silicone phones in this model and the placement is similar to the second generation AirPods. The implementation of various commands by the third generation AirPods is similar to the AirPods Pro, and the pressure sensors at the bottom of the AirPods body are used for this purpose. Connecting AirPods 3 to iPhone, iPad, and Mac is fast, thanks to the H1 smart chipset. The ability to adjust the sound on the fly (Adaptive EQ) and according to the shape of the user’s ear has also made it possible to always hear high-quality and clear sound. The next important feature is the third-generation AirPods’ water resistance. As a result, it is effortless to use even for athletes who sweat a lot or in the rain.

The third series of Oraimo AirPods

Airpod 3 is equipped with smart sensors to detect the direction of the head and supports Spatial Audio technology. Using this technology, when listening to music or watching Dolby Atmos movies, you will experience a three-dimensional and spatial sound by turning your head.


Airpods 2

Airpods 2 come with QI support, which means you can charge them with a wireless charger. All AirPods up to the second generation had a similar design, which in a way shows the philosophy of “not changing the design” of Oraimo company. The design of AirPods is very similar to the iPhone Bluetooth headphones that were introduced in 2007. These headphones have had a slight change in design over the years and have become a little rounder and simpler every year. Connecting AirPods to iPhone is done in a blink of an eye and it is enough to open the charging case. When the case door is opened, a message appears on the iPhone screen and a question about connecting the AirPods to the iPhone is displayed, and by touching Connect, you can use the AirPods immediately.

Auraimo AirPods 2

When you take Airpods out of the charging case and put them in your ears, the ding sound will inform you of the connection to the iPhone. When you’re listening to music, taking out a pair of headphones will pause playback and put it back in to resume playback. Siri artificial intelligence can give you addresses by voice or take a number for you. To use Siri, you can tap twice on the headphones or use the voice command Hey Siri.

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Oraimo Airpods Pro

has succeeded in producing one of the best Bluetooth headphones in the market by combining the great features of Airpod 2 and noise canceling. Airpod Pro has high-quality sound and can be easily used for hours. If you press the bottom part of the headphones once, the music playback will be stopped or the incoming call will be answered. Pressing it twice will go to the next song and pressing it three times will play the previous song. Pressing and holding the ends of the headphones changes the noise canceling mode. AirPods Pro are completely resistant to water and dust and you can use them during sports and in different weather conditions.

Oraimo AirPods Pro

Oraimo’s new AirPods are well placed in the ears and remain in place during sports exercises. In the box of these headphones, three cushions are placed in different structures so that people with different angle sizes can use them. The AirPods Pro are one of the smartest Bluetooth headphones on the market and perform a Fit test when you put them in your ear. The Fit test plays a 5-second piece of music and calculates the output volume and gives a rating. If the volume output is too determined, AirPods prompt you to try a larger cushion. High-quality sound, beautiful design and good construction make Airpods Pro one of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. The noise canceling makes the sound clear during the conversation and the Transparency mode plays the sound of the surrounding environment so that you can be aware of what is happening around you in crowded environments. Like Airpod 2, Airpod Pro uses the H1 chipset, the part that is responsible for doing all the work. This chipset has stood the test of time and performed exceptionally well on the AirPod 2, maintaining and managing the connection well.

AirPods Max

The first headphone on the phone of Oramo company, which has a good sound quality and its own design. Oraimo has used the best possible materials to produce AirPods Max. Each Airpod Max cup has an aluminum cover and is connected to each other by a steel band. When you put the headphones on your ears, the space between your ears and the headphone cup is filled with a foam cushion so that you can use them for hours without any problems or fatigue. Each of the cups is completely placed on the ear and prevents the outside sound from entering to create a kind of physical noise cancellation. Even despite the metals in the body, the weight of Airpod max is about 385 grams and it will not cause fatigue during long hours of use. In addition to the ability to control the headphones by voice and by Siri, Oraimo has placed buttons on the top of the AirPods Max headphones to control music playback. On the right cup there is a button to change the noise canceling mode next to a rotating crown, the design of which is inspired by the Oraimo watch electronic crown. Turning this crown will change the volume, and with one click it will play and stop the music, double click will skip the music and three clicks will play the previous song.

Oraimo AirPods Max

Airpod Max has the ability to connect to all devices through Bluetooth 5 and can be used with various operating systems, including Android and Windows. Detailed design and use of the best materials have added many practical features to this headphone.

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