Oraimo online store rules and regulations

Dear user, please carefully consider the following points for proper use of Oramo services.

Logging in to Oraimo’s website while using Oraimo’s personal profile, incentive plans, Oraimo’s visual media videos and other services provided by Oraimo means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions as well as how to use Oraimo’s services. It should be noted that placing an order at any time means that the user fully accepts all Oraimo terms and conditions. Also note that the conditions and rules listed are considered to replace all previous agreements and rules.

1- Definitions

According to the e-commerce law and in order to clarify the information and common understanding of the words used in the following agreements, the definitions of the words included in the text of the rules are defined as follows.

1-1 Store: Oraimo online store is the seller.

2-1 Site: Oraimo online store website at oraimo.ae

3-1 Site content: All information including price, text, photos, videos and technical specifications of products or all articles and news posted on the site and blog.

4-1 Guest user: Every person who has entered the Oraimo website through the Internet is considered a guest user.

5-1 Member: Any natural person who has become a member of the site based on valid identity specifications is considered a member. The membership of legal entities will be possible only through the membership of the authorized real representative of the legal entity.

6-1 Customer: User or member who buys from the site.

7-1 Order: the product or products that the customer chooses and declares his intention to buy by completing the ordering process on the site.

8-1 Inquiry: sending an order from the customer to check the availability of the ordered goods at the moment and to check the possible price change


2- The conditions for concluding a deposit for purchasing from the site

Similar to the physical environment, in the electronic environment, any transaction that takes place indicates the occurrence of a contract or contract. A contract or contract according to Article 183 of the Civil Law means that “one or more people commit to something in front of one or more other people and it is accepted by them”; Accordingly, an online contract is also a contract concluded through “message data”.

Registering any order means knowing and accepting the rules of the site, and therefore the customer is obliged to read these rules carefully before placing any order and if he agrees with them, register his order.

Age of users: legal age (15 years old) is required to buy from the site, otherwise the purchase from the site must be done by parents or legal guardians. Failure to comply with this will be the responsibility of the customer.


3- Electronic communication methods of the site

When you use the Oraimo services, place your online order or purchase, or send an email to Oraimo, these communications are done electronically, and if your request is In compliance with all principles and procedures, you agree that Oraimo will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, text message service and other electronic services).

Also, the e-mail address and telephone numbers that the customer registers in his profile are the only official e-mail addresses and telephone numbers approved by the customer, and all correspondence and responses on the site are made through them.

In order to inform about events, services and special services or promotions, it is possible for Oraimo to send email or SMS to website members, which can be canceled by sending the off code of this service if they do not want to.

Please note that the only official reference approved by us to communicate with you is the official website of this site, oraimo.ae. We do not contact you by any other method than sending letters from the official and confirmed addresses on the site. The Oraimo website does not have any website with an address other than oraimo.ae, and also, no blog and ID in Internet chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, etc., and will never contact you with these methods. takes Users can only use the addresses mentioned in the contact us section to communicate.

4- Steps of order registration and purchase

1-4 Order registration and inquiries: considering that the inventory of the site’s goods and prices are changing over time, in order to make a purchase, customers must first inquire about the price and inventory. At this stage, an 8-digit tracking code is assigned to customers and sent to them via email or SMS.

2-4 Answering the inquiry and finalizing the order: Normally, on working days and office hours, the inquiry answer and the time limit for completing the order are sent to the customers no later than 2 hours after the order registration. After that, customers will have the opportunity to complete and finalize their order within the stipulated time. If customers do not finalize their order within the specified deadline, their order will be considered incomplete and they will no longer be able to finalize it. In these cases, if the customer requests reactivation of the order and it is still possible to send the goods, the customer will be given a deadline for completion.

3-4 Respected users and customers are not required to register on the site to view, receive information and even place an order. But Oraimo’s recommendation is to register, the advantage of which is that, in addition to not having to enter your information in subsequent purchases, you can be informed of the latest news, step-by-step discounts, and good purchase offers.
By registering this information, users and customers, while ensuring that their information is safe with the site, authorize the site to use this information to communicate.

4-4 Customers must enter their information accurately in the order form when placing an order, otherwise they are responsible for any possible problems and losses. Therefore, the inclusion of addresses, e-mails, mobile and landline contact numbers by the customer means that their authenticity has been confirmed, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, Oraimo can ask the customer to ensure the accuracy and certainty of the order registration. Request additional and more information. Also, customers can enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and if the order amount has been paid in advance, the recipient of the order must present a valid identification card when receiving the goods. Also, the address that the buyer registers or chooses as the delivery address will be included in the invoice.

5-4 Working day means Saturday to Thursday of every week, excluding public holidays in Iran, and all orders registered during working days and the first day after the holiday are checked and the inventory is announced. It should be noted that placing an order in Oraimo is possible on all days of the year, including public holidays.

6-4 All the orders registered on the Oraimo site are reviewed by sending the order code included in the system invoice via email or SMS. Your purchase from Oraimo is an honor for us, and the Oraimo team will do its best to deliver the goods purchased by customers, but if the stock of goods in Oraimo ends even after the customer has placed an order. Oraimo reserves the right to cancel the order or refund the order amount, or the customer can replace the finished product with another product.

7-4 When the customer withdraws from the purchase, the amount paid with a deduction of 20% of the deposit amount as administrative and financial costs within 24 to 48 working hours to the customer’s account (announced by the customer through email or other means of communication and only Written notification will be deposited.

4-8 In case of any error regarding the price and riyal value of the goods available on the Oraimo website, Oraimo reserves the right to cancel the order and purchase made by the customer. It is obvious that Oraimo will deposit and return the money received to the payer as soon as possible within 24 to 48 working hours to the account announced by the customer (announced by the customer through email or other means of communication and only written announcement) and the customer will purchase He is aware of this and all the rules from the Oraimo site and will not make any claims in this regard.

4-9 According to the system registration of the order, it is not possible to issue a new invoice or change its specifications, including changing the invoice issued in the name of a natural person to the name of another natural person.

4-10 It should be noted that adding goods to the shopping cart does not mean reserving the goods and does not create any rights for customers. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in product inventory or price, will be applied to the product added to the shopping cart. Therefore, customers who have the desire and decision to make a definite purchase, especially for products during special sales or festivals that have a limited number, are advised to finalize their order as soon as possible so that they do not run out of stock or change the price of the goods. It is worth noting that the order is finalized only when users receive the final tracking code of their order completion via e-mail and SMS, and it is obvious that Oraimo is not responsible for the products that have been left in the shopping cart or the order process has not been completed and the payment has not been completed. , does not have.

5- Payment methods

1-5 Customers can pay for their order online, through the central bank portal, card by card and pay by bank card.

6- Order sending methods

1-6 Orders in city centers are sent only by post.

2-6 In cities adjacent to Tehran, orders are sent by courier companies in addition to post.

3-6 In other provinces except Tehran province, orders are sent through two ways: Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company and freight, which can sometimes be determined by the customer’s choice.

4-6 In cases where shipping is chosen by the postal or freight company, the responsibility of the store is to deliver the order correctly and safely to the postal or freight company in a minimum period of time and to send the tracking code to the customer. In these cases, considering that according to Articles 386 and 387 of the Commercial Law, all problems caused by the transportation of goods are the responsibility of the transport operator, and the store is not responsible for the delay in sending or its possible problems, and in case of problems, you should contact Oramo immediately. The problem should be announced and the damage report should be made with the shipping company in coordination with the store. It is obvious that after doing the relevant work, the relevant product will be returned and if the ordered product is available, the ordered product will be sent again. Oraimo always does its best to ensure that all orders reach its customers all over the country in the most accurate and undamaged way.

7- Shipping cost

1-7 After the inventory inquiry stage and announcement of the availability of the requested product, the shipping cost will be announced to the customer via email or SMS or other electronic means of communication and confirmation will be obtained. Obviously, this cost up to the destination city is the responsibility of the customer.

2-7 According to the rules of the site, it will not be possible to send the goods until the order process is completed.

8- Order delivery

1-8 Orders sent to Tehran due to the unpredictability of issues such as traffic or unexpected events, will be delivered within a 2-3 hour time frame that will be coordinated with the customers, and it is necessary for the customers to arrive within a specified time frame. must be present at the place of delivery of the goods, otherwise, the responsibility and cost of resending it will be borne by the customer.

2-8 Orders sent by post and freight: Orders that are going to be sent by post or freight will be delivered 3 to 5 days after the order is placed. The post and freight company usually takes 8 hours depending on the destination of the goods. They will deliver the goods to their destination later.

3-8 Respected customers are obliged to match the specifications of the ordered product with the delivered product when receiving the order and before opening the package, and in case of discrepancy, refuse to receive it.

4-8 Respected customers are obliged to take delivery of their ordered product in appearance when receiving the order (in appearance delivery means that the product is checked from all aspects of appearance and delivered if it does not have any appearance defects). It should be noted that when the goods are delivered in appearance, the store will no longer be responsible for the problems and defects in the appearance of the goods.

5-8 The goods that are stated in the delivery receipt that should not be removed from the packaging are exempted from the above clause and the customers should only check the health of the product packaging. In these cases, restarting the product should only be done by the experts of the company providing warranty services, otherwise the device is out of warranty and the customer is responsible for possible problems.

6-8 If the packaging of the product has an apparent problem or defect and shows signs of damage or possible problems, the customer must refrain from receiving it and while preparing the meeting minutes, inform Oraimo immediately about the issue.

9- The possibility of discussion and exchange of opinions on the site

1-9 On the site, it is possible to discuss and exchange opinions with other users, to register opinions, suggestions and questions. In this context, users are required to refrain from posting any content contrary to legal and ethical principles, defamatory, threatening the privacy of individuals or intellectual property rights, and any other inappropriate content, otherwise, all responsibility and legal consequences are on them. is.

2-9 The store has full authority to publish or not publish user comments.

3-9 If the user does not pay enough attention to the observance of the store’s terms and conditions in posting comments, the store is allowed to prevent the user from accessing the site again and, if necessary, prosecute him.

4-9 Note, don’t write the issues you are not sure about in the comments; Also, avoid republishing rumors or unreliable information about individual products.

10- Site content and product specifications

10-1 Oraimo company makes the utmost effort and precision in order to present and produce content from original sources and references as well as the company that manufactures the product. It should be noted that Oraimo does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on the site are error-free. If the product provided by Oraimo has any discrepancy with the information posted on the site, the only solution is to return the product before use and in the original condition according to Article 8-11.

2-10 Oraimo website does not accept any responsibility regarding the deletion of its website pages or dead links. The services of the site are provided as they are, and under no circumstances Oraimo site is not responsible for the delay or non-functioning of the site, which can be caused by natural factors, human power, internet problems, failure of computer equipment, telecommunications, etc. 

11- Responsibilities of the site and users

1-11 Any unconventional, unauthorized and illegal use of the site by users that leads to damage, breakdown, loss or change of information, disclosure of personal information of users and other possible losses will be prosecuted. had

2-11 Users are obliged to protect their personal information and are responsible for exchanging any information that takes place through their user ID and password.

3-11 The store will not be responsible for the disclosure of the user’s information due to negligence or virus infection of his computer system.

12- Material and intellectual property right

1-12 All the content of the site belongs solely to Oraimo Store and any copying and personal or commercial use of it without obtaining written permission from Oraimo Store will be unauthorized and will result in prosecution.

13- Store options

13-1 The store always considers itself authorized and empowered to make arbitrary changes on the site, including technical and appearance changes, changes in services and how to provide them, changes in the content and information of the site, changes in policies, rights and laws.

At any time, the store has the authority to stop providing services to customers and communicating with them, and to change or delete all its content or services.


14- Special conditions

1-14 Considering that the above rules are the general rules of the store and may not be included in some products in certain cases, the explanations included in the invoice and receipt of the delivery of the goods, which is signed by the customer, will have priority and criteria of action.


15- Granting representation

1-15 Oraimo has sales agencies or after-sales services in the country, and all agencies are listed on the site and on the “Agency” page. These agencies are required to comply with the rules of the site. Also, services and financial transactions can be processed through representative offices listed on the site. Other than the list of agents listed on the site, no company or institution or economic enterprise has the right to use the Oraimo title to sell products. Please inform Oraimo Public Relations if you see any violation of this kind for legal prosecution.


16-cases of force majeure

16-1 All the conditions and rules listed are applicable under normal conditions and in case of any force majeure, Oraimo is not responsible for the mentioned rules.

2-16 Oraimo considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of users, if you see any violation, please share it with us through the mentioned communication channels.


17- Receiving your personal information

1-17 “Oraimo store site” receives information that when sending an order to purchase goods, based on which the order can be delivered as soon as possible. Also, “Oraimo Store Site” collects statistical information related to your computer’s hardware and software and is automatically registered by “Oraimo Store Site”. This information can include IP address, browser type, internet domain name and time of site access. This information is used by “Oraimo Store Site” to perform better operations, maintain the quality of services and provide statistical information.


18- Cases of using your personal information

18-1 “Oraymo Store Site” uses your personal information to operate the website and provide the services you have requested. Oraimo Store Site may also contact you through surveys to ask your opinion about current services or the possibility of offering new services.

18.2 Oraimo Store Site does not sell its customer or member lists to third parties and may occasionally contact you on behalf of its business partners to inform you of offers that may be of interest to you. In this case, your unique information such as name, phone, address, email, etc. will not be given to external parties.

18-3 “Oraimo Store Site” tracks the pages visitors view in order to determine what services are the most popular. This information is used in the advertising content of the site or the better performance of the services.

19- Conditions of cookies

19-19 “Oraimo Store Site” uses cookies to help you personalize the use of the website and improve services. A cookie is a text file containing a series of data that is placed on your computer by a web page. Cookies cannot be used to run a program or infect a computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you and can only be read by the website that gave you the cookie.


More questions…

If you wish, you can ask us your questions about your privacy policy at any time and we will definitely answer you. Please send your questions to one of the methods listed in the Contact Us section.

Oraimo store site welcomes any comments you may have regarding the privacy policy. If you think that “Oraimo Store Site” has not adhered to this policy, please contact us by sending an email. We will do our best to resolve the ambiguities and deficiencies or solve the problems to the best of our ability.

The Oraimo store site considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of its users, please, if you see any violation, be sure to share it with us through the communication channels mentioned on the contact us page.