Does oraimo watch make calls? That’s the question on many people’s minds when considering purchasing a smartwatch. Or aimo, a leading mobile accessories brand, has recently launched its smartwatch, the oraimo smartwatch OSW-10. Let’s dive into the details and find out if this smartwatch can make calls.

The oraimo smartwatch OSW-10 comes equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, which enables users to make and receive calls directly from their wrists. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who are always on the go or in situations where taking out their phone is not feasible.

In addition to making calls, the oraimo smartwatch OSW-10 also allows users to send and receive messages, track fitness activities, monitor heart rate, and control music playback. The smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be paired with the oraimo app to access additional features and customization options.

To make calls from the oraimo smartwatch OSW-10, users need to pair it with their smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, users can initiate or receive calls directly from their smartwatch without having to take out their phone. However, it’s important to note that the call quality may vary depending on the strength of the Bluetooth connection and the network coverage.

In conclusion, does oraimo watch make calls? Yes, it does. The oraimo smartwatch OSW-10 allows users to make and receive calls directly from their wrists, making it an ideal choice for individuals who are always on the go. With its other features such as fitness tracking and messaging capabilities, the oraimo smartwatch OSW-10 is a versatile and convenient wearable device.

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