Power Bank PowerBox 300

PowerBox 300


If you need an efficient device that can charge all your devices quickly and easily, you should get Oraimo PowerBox 300 , this power bank makes sure that your devices are always charged and ready to go.
The oraimo power box 300 is a high capacity portable charger with the ability to charge your smartphones, tablets and other devices on the go.

Oraimo Power Bank

It comes equipped with a powerful 30000mAh battery that can deliver up to 15W of power output to charge multiple devices at once.
The power bank also supports USB PD fast charging technology, so it offers up to 5V/3A and 9V/2A charging speed for your smartphones and tablets respectively. The power bank also has enough juice to recharge itself in just 6 hours.
The oraimo power box 300 comes with a built-in flashlight that can be used as an emergency light if ever needed. It also has a large digital display that shows you how much charge is left in the power bank at any given time.
With its stylish design, this portable charger is one of the most versatile devices available today; it’s perfect for use outdoors or indoors because it’s highly durable and waterproof as well


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