Experience Immersive Sound with the Oraimo SoundFlow OBS-72D

Discover the Oraimo SoundFlow OBS-72D – a revolutionary speaker that redefines your listening experience with immersive sound and vibrant LED lights.

When it comes to cylindrical speakers, achieving optimal sound quality can be quite a challenge. The SoundFlow OBS-72D by Oraimo takes a unique approach by placing the speaker at the base of the device, unlike traditional speakers that directly face the listener. This innovation posed a challenge for Oraimo, but they managed to turn it into an advantage.

“I think we were quite successful in turning this challenge into an advantage. We tried to think outside the box and managed to make the speakers located at the base of the device still have immersive sound quality. Sound quality will be maintained because when this product was still in the conceptual design stage, we immediately invited the best audio processing chip companies to work together to improve the audio quality of this product,” said Tracy Qi, Country Manager of Oraimo Indonesia.

During the development of the SoundFlow OBS-72D, many factors were carefully considered, including how the sound quality would perform in various situations and environments. It took more than a year of adjustments to achieve the exceptional sound quality it boasts today.

“The OBS-72D SoundFlow is our milestone. This product has excellent sound quality. In addition, these speakers can reflect the user’s attitude towards music and life,” continued Tracy.

The SoundFlow OBS-72D offers a unique feature by emitting RGB colorful lights that sync with the rhythm of the music. This 360-degree immersive sound performance effortlessly creates the desired atmosphere, whether you’re relaxing with friends, enjoying coffee, or celebrating a birthday. With a built-in 6000mAh battery, the SoundFlow OBS-72D can play music for up to 6 hours, making it your ideal music companion.

Tracy believes in Oraimo’s audio category and its potential to resonate with music enthusiasts in Indonesia. “We are bringing more high-quality audio products to Indonesia. Indonesians love music and are always enthusiastic about it. Oraimo is the best choice for them. Oraimo will become a distinctive audio brand in the market,” concluded Tracy.



Product Highlights

  • 360 Degree Colorful LED Light

  • HiFi Sound Quality

  • Beautiful Design

  • Can Be Connected with TWS

  • Anti-Slip Silicone Base

  • Reacting LED Light Adapts to Music

Experience Immersive Sound

The Oraimo SoundFlow OBS-72D redefines your audio experience. Its unique design, featuring a speaker at the base, challenges conventional speaker placement. However, this innovation enhances sound quality and immersion, making it a standout product in the audio industry.

Quality Meets Innovation

Oraimo prioritizes sound quality. They collaborated with top audio processing chip companies during the conceptual design phase to ensure exceptional audio performance. This commitment resulted in the OBS-72D SoundFlow, a milestone product renowned for its excellent sound quality.

Music, Lights, and Atmosphere

The SoundFlow OBS-72D isn’t just about sound; it’s an immersive experience. Its RGB colorful lights sync with the music’s rhythm, enveloping you in a 360-degree audiovisual spectacle. Whether you’re relaxing, chatting with friends, or celebrating, this speaker sets the perfect mood.

Your Music Companion

With a built-in 6000mAh battery, the SoundFlow OBS-72D ensures your music never stops. It can play for up to 6 hours on a single charge, making it your ideal companion for music on the go.

Oraimo: Your Audio Choice

Indonesia’s love for music is undeniable, and Oraimo is here to cater to that passion. Tracy Qi believes that Oraimo will become a distinctive audio brand in the Indonesian market, offering high-quality audio products to meet the demands of music enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the unique speaker placement affect sound quality?

The unconventional placement of the speaker at the base of the SoundFlow OBS-72D may seem unusual, but it actually enhances sound quality. Oraimo worked closely with audio processing chip companies to optimize audio performance, resulting in an immersive listening experience.

2. What sets the SoundFlow OBS-72D apart from other speakers?

The SoundFlow OBS-72D stands out with its 360-degree colorful LED lights that synchronize with the music’s rhythm, creating a captivating audiovisual experience. Additionally, its long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted music playback for up to 6 hours.

3. Why is Oraimo confident about its audio products in Indonesia?

Oraimo recognizes the passion Indonesians have for music. They are committed to providing high-quality audio products that cater to this enthusiasm. Tracy Qi, Country Manager of Oraimo Indonesia, believes that Oraimo will become a distinctive and trusted audio brand in the Indonesian market.


The Oraimo SoundFlow OBS-72D redefines your audio experience with its innovative design, exceptional sound quality, and captivating LED lights. It’s not just a speaker; it’s an immersive journey into the world of music and ambiance. With Oraimo’s commitment to high-quality audio, this speaker is set to become a favorite among music enthusiasts in Indonesia.