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The best-selling phone accessories 2022

oraimo watch

If you assume Bluetooth gadgets will be the sole top sales in 2021, you might be surprised by these popular favorites. There are some accessories that just make using a mobile phone better, regardless of the phone your consumers possess. Start with these seven goods to see which ones should be on your inventory list.

1. Phone and Tablet Holders for the Lazy

Clip these lazy phone and tablet holders to tabletops, shelves, tables, and anyplace else with a ledge! These devices can frequently be bent to any angle for hands-free viewing, which is becoming increasingly popular among customers. A type that rests on the user’s shoulders for upright viewing is also available, making it ideal for traveling outside for steady filming and photography or watching a movie on a plane or in the backseat of a car. Furthermore, keeping mobile devices in place eliminates drops, which is why this trend is at the top of our list for 2022!

2.Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders are an essential if keeping a cell phone in place is the goal! It is dangerous to drive while holding a phone with one hand. Cars have gone a long way in terms of mobile device connectivity, but they still lack a location for you to keep your phone visible and accessible. Furthermore, earlier versions lack the option to connect the sound system to smartphones. Even so, you’ll need to consult the map for directions or to check for traffic congestion.

So, what’s the answer? Car phone holders clip or attach securely on the vent or dashboard, depending on the type, to hold your phone at the proper height and angle for safety instructions and general use. After syncing the phone with the car, the driver of a car manufactured within the previous five years can get an additional safety benefit by utilizing voice commands to browse the phone’s functions.


Aside from phone holders, an armband is another item that can free up your customers’ hands while using their phones. While working out or simply going around the home, armbands allow users to listen to music, make phone calls, and listen to audiobooks. The best part is that these sleeves keep the phone in place without the risk of a harsh fall, saving you money on repairs.

4. Wearable computers

oraimo watch
It’s difficult to beat a smartwatch for listening to music or taking a call while exercising or on the run! Watches have gone a long way, indeed! Today’s smartwatches may measure your workout routines, distance traveled, calories burnt, sleep cycles, and heart rate in addition to the time, date, and stopwatch functions. They can also serve as a reminder to stand up and take a big breath. It’s like having a fitness tracker and personal assistant all in one! As a result, these things are the second most popular gadget among cell phone users.

5.Tripods for Cell Phones

The fifth app on our list does more than just help mobile phone owners with a certain activity; it also elevates their photography and filming abilities. Tripods have always been a popular accessory among photographers, and they are just as popular with cell phone users. Family pictures, stunts and pranks, or a baby’s first steps may all be easily photographed and shared with friends and family using cell phone tripods.

6.Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks continue to impress if you need a more portable tripod to take to locations like theme parks, the beach, or when hiking the woods. These phone attachments give the person behind the camera just enough more reach to participate in all of the action photos with their friends and family. When a fixed site isn’t possible, this tripod’s lighter relative may be just what you need!

7. One-of-a-Kind Charging Cables

There is one thing you can count on with all of this phone usage! At some time, your phone will need to be recharged. People, on the other hand, are becoming bored of the same old white and black charging wires. As a result, we’ve included fabric and gummy charging cords on our list of hot-sellers for 2021! Allow your consumers to pick a unique charging cable that sticks out from the crowd to help them keep organized and add a personal touch.

Where can I get these items at the best possible price?

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