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PowerBox 400


Are you looking for a backup power source in case of an emergency? Do you want to charge your laptop, phone and tablet while on the go? Then get yourself a PowerBox 400. It has 40000mAh capacity, which means you should never run out of battery while away from home or office.
Oraimo power box 400 is a high capacity portable battery pack which supports fast charging with ANIFAST technology and Type-C input. It can recharge itself in only 4 hours, while most power banks need 6 hours or more. This 40000mAh power bank has four USB ports, one of which is a Type-C port. The other three ports are 5V/2.4A ones, which can charge most smartphones at their fastest rates.

The built-in LED torch enables you to use this power bank as an emergency light when you go camping or hiking at night. With the large LCD display and multiple charging modes, Oraimo 400 is a perfect device for families and outdoor enthusiasts who want to travel light with no worries about how to charge their electronics along the way.


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