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Power Bank oraimo – OPB-P113D

Using high-density lithium battery, the power bank is much more thinner than other 10000mAh power bank.

Power Bank oraimo OPB-P204D

Features: You can easily slips it into any of your pockets or bags. Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive

Power Bank oraimo OPB-P205D

Battery cell type: Lithium battery Capacity: 20000 mAh (74 Wh) Input 1 (Micro USB): 5V==2A Input 2 (Type-C): 5V==2A Output

Power Bank oraimo OPB-P271D

The Oraimo OPB-P271D 27,000mAh Power bank – Traveler 3 Byte Ultra-High Capacity Brimming with 27,000mAh of pure power – charges