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In 2022, these are the finest affordable smart watches available.

oraimo watch

Wearables, such asaffordable smart watches, are very popular these days. Everyone desires one. So we sifted through the various smartwatches in Nigeria to find which ones were the finest cheap smartwatches in 2022.


We looked at features, pricing, and technical support among other things. Everyone realizes how important it is to have the most up-to-date features on a device. Because Nigeria is such a price-sensitive market, price is very important. And you’ll need technical help if something goes wrong with your equipment.

We ended up with a selection of three smartwatches, all of which were made by the same company, Oraimo. Transsion Holdings owns Oraimo, which is a sibling business of TECNO, itel, Infinix, and CarlCare. CarlCare is the group’s technical/customer support arm, and it is present in Nigeria to service all Transsion products, therefore technical assistance is covered.

The Tempo-W, Tempo-S, and Tempo-W2 are the smartwatches we chose. As you can see, the variations between these three watches are minor, and it comes down to personal preference and budget. Let’s have a look at their technical specifications.

oraimo Tempo S IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch

Features of the product:

  • 1.3-inch IPS true color display.
  • The Bluetooth version is V4.2, and the battery capacity is 200mAh.
  • Lithium polymer battery is the type of battery.
  • Time on standby: 20 days
  • 42*20*9.5mm is the size of the watch.
  • 245mm wide strap.
  • ABS, PC, and TPU are the materials used.
  • IP67 rating for water resistance.

oraimo Tempo W2 IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch with 24 Training Modes

Features of the product:

  • BT Version: V4.2 Screen Size: 1.28′′ G+F TFT Resolution 240*240 Battery Capacity: 180mAh
  • Lithium polymer batteries are the most common type of battery.
  • Time on Standby: Up to 20 days
  • Watch Dimensions: 42*42*13mm Strap Dimensions: 215mm
  • Zinc alloy, PC, and TPU
  • IP67 (waterproof)

1.69″ IPS Screen IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch by oraimo

Product Specifications:

  • 1.69-inch IPS 240*280 display;
  • Version 5.0 of BT;
  • 200mAh battery capacity;
  • Lithium polymer batteries are the most common type of battery.
  • Time on Standby: Up to 15 days;
  • Dimensions of the watch: 43*35*9.95mm;
  • 165g in weight;
  • Zinc alloy, PC, and TPU;
  • IP68 rating for water resistance.

What is the finest smartwatch for a low budget?

All three keep you linked through Bluetooth to your Android or iPhone, allowing you to get notifications for calls, SMS, and applications. They’re also fantastic for fitness buffs, since they can track your walking and running steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep data, as well as provide a sedentary reminder.

They’re all IP67 waterproof, which means you can get sweaty when working out, use them in the rain, or wash your hands without worrying about your smartwatch dying on you. But don’t go swimming with them.

The specs listings show that there are slight differences in battery capacity, screen size, and Bluetooth version. The Temp-W2, the most recent of them, also offers a few more sophisticated functions, such as 24 training modes and music player controls. If you want further functionality, the Oraimo Tempo-W2 is the most feature-rich of the three. The Tempo-W2 is the most premium choice, in our opinion. It is made of zinc and has materials that distinguish it physically. It is also the most expensive of the three on this list and offers the most extensive features. If you’re not searching for the cheapest smartwatch, this is the one to get. In 2021, it would be the finest cheap smartwatch available in Nigeria.

The Oraimo Tempo-S, on the other hand, offers the best value for money of the three. It’s entirely made of plastic, yet it’s durable. It has the majority of the features of the W2 but at a reduced cost. It is, in fact, the cheapest option here.
Where can these Oraimo cheap smartwatches be purchased? Check out Oraimo’s official website, which includes an online store where you can place orders and have them delivered to you. You may also find them on Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and other online retail stores.
Although there are many more wearables on the market in Nigeria, these are the finest affordable smartwatches available at the time of writing.
Update March 2022: Oraimo Tempo W3 has been added to the list.

The best affordable smartwatch in 2022 is the Oraimo Tempo W3.

  • 1.28-inch IPS display with 240 x 240 pixels
  • Size of the watch: 47x47x12.5 mm
  • 215mm wide strap
  • Zinc alloy, PC, and TPU
  • IP68 Waterproof Protection
  • Version of Bluetooth: V5.0
  • Li-Poly 200 mAh battery type and capacity

The Tempo W3 has a lot of enhancements, including screen technology, battery capacity, Bluetooth version, materials, and IP certification. We enthusiastically propose Oraimo Tempo W3 as the best affordable wristwatch in 2022.


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