How to use a smartwatch? + 6 Special applications

In this content, we answer this question: How to use a smartwatch? We also introduce special software to connect the smartwatch.

If you have worked with amazing smartwatch gadgets or seen its advertisements, you will realize that many of your daily needs can be solved by just having a smartwatch.

The small screen of the smartwatch is your access window to the electronic world around you. If you want to access your emails, calls, and messages without using your phone or laptop, or if you want to have reminders for your daily activities and exercise more effectively, you can achieve them with just a smartwatch.

Using a smartwatch, you can connect to your phone and you will no longer need your phone. After connecting, the phone information will be available to you through the smartwatch, and you can look at your wrist and control your daily activities.

In addition, the sensors in the smartwatch will help you regulate your sleep, check your sports activities, listen to your favorite music, and do many other things. But the first step after buying a smartwatch is to set it up. How to activate the smartwatch?

How to use a smartwatch?

To use smartwatches, you need a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system. The method of setting up the smartwatch is simple and you just need to go through the following steps:

1- At the beginning, you must turn on the Bluetooth of your phone. You can turn on the Bluetooth of your phone from the wireless and network section of the notification bar menu.

2- After turning on Bluetooth, the list of devices that can connect to your phone will be displayed.

3- In the next step, turn on your smartwatch. By holding the power button, the smartwatch turns on.

4- Usually, if the settings of your smartwatch have not been changed, in the list of devices available for Bluetooth connection, the name of your smartwatch is the name of the model you bought. So you can easily recognize the Bluetooth name of your smartwatch from other devices and connect to it.

Special application for connecting a smartwatch

Most smartwatches need a special application to connect in addition to Bluetooth. The way of working with these applications is very easy and the basis of their work is based on connection through Bluetooth.

Depending on the brand of your smartwatch, the type of application you need to connect to the smartwatch may be different. In this section, we only describe how to work with the Joywear 2 application for Oraimo brand smartwatches.

But the way of working with other applications is similar. This application can be installed for both iOS and Android operating systems.

1- Before downloading the Joywear 2 program, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi are turned on.

2- Then to download and install the Joywear 2 program, if your phone is an iPhone, go to the Apple Store and if your phone is an Android, go to Google Play and search for the term Joywear 2 to download it.

3- After downloading, open the application and if you receive a message to agree to the user agreement and privacy policy, select the option to agree. Then click on the registration option.

4- To register, you can use your phone number and email, or you can use your Facebook account register, which is a faster way. If you use your email or phone number, a four-digit code will be sent to you. Enter this code in the program and click to register to complete the registration.

5- Next, click on “Select device” to search for your smartwatch, and after searching, select your smartwatch to connect. If the settings of the smartwatch have not been changed, the model name of your smartwatch is the same as its Bluetooth name.

6- Then check the screen of your smartwatch. If you see the connection icon at the top of your smartwatch screen, your phone is connected to the smartwatch. You will also see the word connected above the Joywear 2 app.

After connecting your phone to the smartwatch, you can receive notifications from your phone through the smartwatch.

Also, by activating Wi-Fi on the smartwatch, you can install your favorite programs like Spotify on your smartwatch. Like other electronic devices, your smartwatch needs to be recharged. To charge the smartwatch, you can use the accompanying charger that is given to you when you buy it.

Some smartwatch chargers that are offered in newer models are magnetic chargers that are connected to the back of your smartwatch. Also, in older models, a port is placed in the smartwatch to charge the smartwatch.

Do we always need a phone to use our smartwatch?

To be able to use your smartwatch, you don’t always need to have your phone with you, but you need your phone to be on while using the smartwatch.

However, sometimes you can do activities that do not need to be connected to your phone through your smartwatch even if your phone is turned off.

Should my phone be close to me while using the smartwatch?

If your phone and smartwatch are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can connect to your smartwatch from any distance from your phone. But if they are not connected to Wi-Fi, you must be at least 20 meters or 30 feet away from your phone to stay connected to the smartwatch.

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