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How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? 2022

How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? 2022

In this article, we will talk about what Airpod is and we will introduce Oraimo Airpod to you. We will also say that how much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ?

AirPods are wireless headphones that have no wires attached to them and connect to your cellphone via Bluetooth. AirPods have microphones that reduce background noise and increase the clarity of your voice, and some also have touch sensors for their headphones.

These touch sensors help you control your calls and play music. A portable charging case is provided with the AirPods, which is necessary to charge the AirPods.

How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ?

In the following, you can get more information about types of Oraimo AirPods and their prices.


 How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? OEB-E11D

Waterproof and sweat-proof:

use it without a worry in the rain and when exercising and sweating. The best choice for outdoor activities and enjoying music.

Noise reduction:

When you have a phone call in an open environment, answer your call easily regardless of the surrounding noise. The noise reduction algorithm in this AirPods makes your voice heard clearly during the phone call.

Powerful bass:

the best quality in sound reproduction. A Special 6 mm driver’s design gives you a pleasant experience of listening to music.


listen to your songs for 5 hours without interruption with a single charge. In addition, you can enjoy 15 hours of additional playback time with the portable charging case for AirPods.

Small and light:

every single earphone weighs about 4 grams, only 4 grams! It is very light and comfortable and fits easily in your ears because it is designed to fit your ears and you will not have any problems with long-term use.

You can buy these AirPods by paying only $26.08.


 How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? OEB-E03D

Dynamic sound:

The design of 13 mm drivers creates dynamic and unique sound while listening.

Noise reduction:

Noise reduction microphones in AirPods make your voice transmitted in the most crowded places with the least type and you can hear a clear voice.

Comfortable and safe:

put it on your ears safely in open environments and be sure that your ears will be comfortable while listening to music because these headphones were designed according to your ears.

They were also designed in such a way that they do not close the entire ear canal, so the air is easily moved and protects your ears from the dangers caused by the complete closure of the ear canal.


listen to your music for 16 hours with a single charge. Also, you can enjoy your music for 12 additional hours with the wireless charging case.

Waterproof and sweat-proof:

use your AirPods safely during rain and sports activities and sweating a lot.

You can buy these AirPods by paying only $17.05.


 How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? OEB-E104D

Two special modes:

This AirPods has two different smart modes. When you just want to listen to music and enhance its bass, by activating the bass mode, you will not hear the surrounding noises.

But by activating the awareness mode, you can hear a little of the sounds around you, but you will still hear the sound of the song clearly. In this mode, you can be aware of your surroundings when you need.

Noise-free conversation:

noise reduction microphones will not spoil your conversation by reducing the surrounding noise and your voice will be heard clearly.

Very powerful bass:

13 mm drivers with high sensitivity will create a powerful bass for you so that you can recognize all the details of the song.

Waterproof and sweat-proof:

listen to your music without a worry in the rain, exercise, and sweat a lot.

Touch sensor control:

You can control your music and calls with one touch. These touch sensors were designed in both headphones. You won’t need to have your phone around to pause your music or answer a phone call.

Three different sizes:

The silicone tips of these AirPods are available in three different sizes. You can choose the best type according to your ear canal so that you feel comfortable in your ear. By choosing the best silicone tip, your ear canal will be filled easily and your ear will be less damaged while listening to music.


Listen to music for 40 minutes with just 5 minutes of charging. Listen to your songs for 8 hours without interruption with a full charge and enjoy listening to music for up to 24 hours with a portable charging case.

You can buy these AirPods by paying only $31.19.


 How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? OEB-E02

High resolution:

With ENC technology, ambient noise is greatly reduced and your voice can be heard clearly.

Powerful Bass:

High-quality, high-resolution sound with powerful bass takes you to another level in listening to music.

Automatic connection:

As soon as the headphones are removed from the case, they will automatically connect to your device, you only need to do the initial setup once.

Waterproof and sweat-proof:

use it easily in open environments and during exercise and sweating or in rainy weather and enjoy your music.

You can buy these AirPods by paying only $24.29.


 How much does the Oraimo Airpod cost ? OEB-E108D

Hybrid Pro noise cancellation technology:

reduce the amount of noise around you by up to 35 decibels with the technology used in AirPods. With this technology, your voice is transmitted in high resolution like face-to-face conversations in phone calls.

Ambient awareness:

By enabling Smart Transparency mode, it allows you to be aware of the sound around you while listening to music. In this case, you are aware of your environment and the events that happen around you.

Waterproof and sweat-proof:

easily use your AirPods in public and during sports and rain and continue your activities with music without any worries.

You can buy these AirPods by paying only $69.59.

As mentioned above, each of the AirPods has its characteristics. Today, the number of users of AirPods are increasing because they get rid of the annoying wire of headphones, and also the noise reduction feature in AirPods is a great feature for people who work in crowded places and need to answer their phone calls.

Also, you won’t have to worry about your connection being cut off by connecting your phone’s Bluetooth to AirPods. Comparing the prices of headphones, AirPods have a very reasonable price with the features they offer.

In this article, we introduced the best Oraimo Airpods to you, and now you know how much does the Oraimo Airpod cost.You can choose the best AirPods according to your money.

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