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Oraimo online store started its activity in 1400 with the aim of creating direct supply and selling Oraimo brand products with a young and creative force. This department store is trying every day with the aim of increasing the quality of services and expanding its customer club network to play an effective role in the prosperity of the e-commerce market in Iran. In this regard, by observing the principle of customer orientation, honesty and commitment to provide quality products, it has provided a suitable platform for presenting its products to Iranian users throughout the country.(Oraimo Store)

The mission of the Oraimo online store

“Internet” has profoundly changed shopping methods in the world and in Iran. People are becoming more and more interested in online shopping and following new shopping patterns. Today, other people prefer online shopping to the traditional and not so efficient old ways, and this is a requirement of the current life and modern business style of the present age. With the growth of technology and the growing need of people to provide modern methods of product supply, we decided to create an online store to provide the highest quality products in the field of mobile accessories, power bank, audio accessories, lifestyle and … Make available to consumers the best quality of service. We know the value of your time, so we strive to provide a collection of the best products with the most efficient shopping method in our collection. The time is golden and we are aware of this. An easy and smart way to buy accessories is the gift of Oraimo online store to Iranian users. Our main services are the following products:

Mobile accessory:

The more the world around us is affected by mobile phones, the faster earphones will move to a newer world of technology and advancement. In order for the mobile phone to be able to serve users optimally, the production and wide supply of all kinds of mobile accessories such as cables and phone conversions, chargers, phone cases, phone covers, handsfree, glass, phone cases, etc. are necessary. arrives.




Electricity is not available everywhere, but the need for mobile phones in the world affected by the Internet and virtual communications is undeniable. Powerbank, like a mobile charger anywhere, allows you to charge your phone battery without the need for electricity. Today, various types of power banks are available in different models and capacities in the mobile accessories market.



Audio accessories:

One of the most attractive accessories at the moment is a variety of audio accessories whose main task is to transmit sound with the best possible quality. The variety, size and dimensions of audio equipment are enormous. In a way, the sound power in audio equipment is completely different according to the equipment used in it and the quality of the speaker. That’s why choosing a reputable brand that offers its products at a reasonable price is very important.



Everybody’s lifestyle or way of life in today’s world has a significant relationship with smart accessories such as watches, cameras, health equipment, lighting, etc. Today, the first priority of people around the world is to choose a smart lifestyle that is different from the traditional ways of the past. To be able to personalize their lives in this way. Lifestyle products are offered by the top international companies around the world to meet this goal.




Online reference for selling accessories online

We have provided a new solution to meet your needs in the field of supplying all kinds of electronic accessories and accessories. In Oraimo store, the opportunity to research and review different products based on the detailed description of each product will help you in an informed choice. In this store, you have a wide choice in front of you. Commodity information is provided to you accurately and honestly so that you can add your product to your shopping cart with more determination and confidence.
Therefore, it is not far from the mind that the number of users and customers of Oraimo is increasing day by day. By providing detailed product details in various categories, we have turned the Oraimo online store into a specialized reference for the online sale of the goods you need.
What is important is the ease of access to a variety of products and the effort to facilitate the enjoyable shopping process. It is enough for users and customers to enter Oraimo site and with an exciting tour among the mass of products in this store, after receiving complete information about each product, they can buy their goods with the necessary confidence.
Another important mission of Ovarimo online store is to provide products that meet the needs of users at different levels. We have carefully reviewed the standard shopping methods to meet the needs of users and we have come to the conclusion that we should never neglect to provide quality products and reasonable prices in line with the principles of customer orientation of this department store.

Why do we recommend Oraymo?

In recent years, the Oraimo brand has achieved a worthy and significant position in global markets. This big company has been able to become a serious competitor for the world’s leading brands. Orayo Company is completing and developing its products day by day. The efforts of the owners of this company to compete with the kings of the world accessories market, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, are certainly commendable. Oraimo’s practice of having high quality products, unique design and warranty has attracted more people’s trust in the company’s products than ever before. In addition to the commitment to maintaining quality, Oraimo accessories are much more reasonably priced than other top brands in the world.
Currently, the main priority of Oraimo’s product line is the production of accessories such as handsfree, speakers, power bank, etc. Using the best raw materials, observing all the necessary standards, obtaining international certificates, etc. are all signs of the credibility of Orymo brand products in the world.
Oryomo is also launching a home appliance production line to expand its products after launching a variety of accessories so that it can attract more attention from people around the world. The company now has a significant share of the global market. So you can buy the products of this company without worries and with confidence and enjoy the unique technology and designs of its products.

Offering the best prices on Oriamo products

We are in direct contact with the main branches of Oraimo products so that we can meet the different needs of users. Obviously, the prices in this store are completely competitive, fair and with after-sales service. Therefore, by using all new tools in order to better interact with our customers, we try to keep the quality of our services at a completely satisfactory level. In this regard, we have not neglected to offer incentive discounts, various plans and festivals to better present our products. At Oraimo online store, we make every effort to provide decent services that are suitable for Iranian users.
The most important issue in the process of buying Oraimo products is choosing a reputable online store that has a direct sales representative of the brand’s products. Oraimo online store buys all the products of this brand directly from the branches of this brand abroad and offers them to Iranian customers with the best price and a valid guarantee.
Finally, we draw your attention to the advertising text of this brand, which also expresses the lofty goals of Ovarimo:
On a typical day in May 2013, we created a group of people who believed in the spirit of exploration of the Orayimo brand. Our goal from the beginning was to do something different. A job that can change people’s lives to discover the wonderful world at a low cost. To change the world, we decided to start with smart accessories and continue to explore and search.


Hoping for a world with Oraimo
Touch the future now

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